Each suite at Plum Creek is fully carpeted and designed to offer comfortable living, privacy and security.


Personalized Living

At Plum Creek, each apartment becomes home to our residents. We recognize the need for personal expression and individuality. Each resident provides his or her own furniture and personal accessories.


Furnished Suites

Furnished suites are available for respite stays of 30 days or less. The individual will experience the lifestyle, comfort, and services offered at Plum Creek.



Plum Creek suites feature a kitchenette, which includes a microwave oven, small refrigerator, sink, and kitchen cabinets. The kitchenette is ideal for storing snacks, light foods, and favorite beverages in the privacy of their suite, while still enjoying 3 meals a day in our own dining room.



Each suite offers a shower with handheld attachment, handrails, additional heating unit and specialized safety features.



Plum Creek suites also include individual apartment heaters/air conditioning units ensuring personal comfort.



Call cords in both the bathroom and living areas help to ensure resident safety. Emergency exit doors are all locked from the outside and alarmed.



At Plum Creek each suite is thoroughly cleaned on a weekly basis and is deep cleaned on a yearly basis! Trash is emptied daily.


Linens and Towels

Bed linens for a twin size bed are provided by Plum Creek. The staff changes bed linens once a week. Towels are provided and are changed daily.



Personal clothing is laundered on a weekly basis. Laundry will be collected by the staff and returned to the resident after laundering. All resident clothing is laundered separately. Clothing should be washable and permanent press. No wool items or dry-clean only. A resident laundry area is available for residents who may choose to do their own laundry.



Plum Creek staff will perform routine maintenance with prompt attention to emergency maintenance issues. Please notify staff of personal requests for wall hangings, including pictures, clocks, and shelves. Any maintenance or repair on personal items are the responsibility of the resident.



The staff at Plum Creek is committed to making sure that life for each resident is fulfilling and enjoyable. A full and varied activity calendar is an essential part of daily living at Plum Creek. Plum Creek offers five to seven daily activities including planned bus outings. Each resident is provided with a monthly activity schedule and is reminded of activities on a daily basis.



At Plum Creek the three daily meals are planned by and prepared under the direction of a qualified food service director and reviewed as needed by a dietician. Meals are nutritional and well balanced.


Meals are served during the following hours:

Breakfast: 8am to 9am Lunch: 12pm-1pm Dinner: 5pm to 6pm


Residents are welcomed in the dining room at any time during these hours and will be served by the dining room wait staff.



Menus are posted daily in the lobby.



Family and Friends are welcome to dine with residents for the cost of a guest meal. To reserve a guest meal, please notify our community at least 24 hours in advance of the scheduled meal. Guest tables are reserved for residents and their company.


Guest Meals:

  • Guest Meals: $5.00
  • Holiday and Event Dinners: $10.00


Private Dining Room

A beautiful, private dining room is available for resident and family use, free of charge. Call to reserve the private dining room for special occasions, family dinners, and parties for up to 12 people. You bring in the meal of your choice, and your own table settings, and we only ask that you clean up after you are finished.


Residency Guidelines

Plum Creek's guidelines and policies are used by the staff to determine whether a resident is appropriate for residency at Plum Creek.


To help ensure each residents maximum level of health, a licensed nurse and resident assistant are on duty 24 hours per day to meet the resident's needs. In addition staff is available to monitor and assist with all aspects of daily living, while maintaining all regulations in accordance with its licensure as a residential care facility by the Ohio Department of Health.



Residents at Plum Creek may increase their independence/ safety with assistance from canes, walkers, wheelchairs and electric scooters. Maintenance of these items are the responsibility of the resident/ family. Residents who need assistance in transfers must transfer safely with the assistance of one staff member.



The resident and family must be willing to comply with all community policies and state/federal regulations. Residents must show respect for other residents, staff and property. Behaviors that may jeopardize the health, safety, physical or mental welfare of others may be cause for the resident to be determined inappropriate for continued residency. Safety of the resident and those around them are a priority at Plum Creek. Residents who require reorientation must be cooperative with direction from the staff.


Activities of Daily Living

Activities of daily living can include but are not limited to grooming, personal hygiene and dressing. Assistance with activities of daily living must be provided and accomplished safely by the assistance of one staff member. Residents must go to the dining room for meals and eat independently.


Bowel/Bladder Control

Residents with incontinence problems are accepted for residency as long as the incontinence can be managed. Residents must be compliant in wearing protection and accepting assistance from the staff. Bedside commodes, urinals, and bedpans are not permitted on a permanent basis.


Medication Administration/ Physician Requirements

Residents may keep their own medications and self-administer their medications with their physicians written permission. All medications, prescription and over the counter medications, must be kept in a locked box in the resident's room. The family must provide the lock box. Should assistance with medication be needed for the health and safety of the resident the nurse will administer medications in accordance with Plum Creek's policy.


Prior to admission, a resident must provide a completed history and physical form. Furthermore, a resident must have or must obtain a physician for ongoing care and be seen by that physician at least once every 6 months. A nurse completes a full health assessment at least annually and sooner if medically indicated.


Supportive Services

Supportive services may include assisting with oxygen needs, providing special dietary services, or providing any services that require extra time daily from the staff.